Monday, October 27, 2014

Just Like I Promised!! Another Post.

Things around here are moving along nicely. The girls are busy. Meredith is busy getting ready to apply to University (I know right? Where does the time go?). We're off for the next few weekends on Campus Tours. My plan is to encourage her to visit and apply to as many Universities as she's interested in to give her as many options as possible. She is still working at a local grocery store and participating in a local youth Orchestra. I'm so proud of her each and every day.

Isobel is busy as well. She loves her trampoline and her guitar but the highlight of her life right now is Robotics. She made it onto the school team again and is busy building her robot for the tournament in December. If you've never been to a Robotics Tournament - you're missing out. I know it sounds terribly dull but it really is the exact opposite. There is so much energy! It's great to be involved in a competitive venue for children who are not athletic. She is growing into a lovely young lady who is sure of who she is and what she wants out of life.

Here are my monthly pages for April, May and June. I'm enjoying doing the project this way but I am planning something completely different for next year! I'm just in the planning stages right now!!

~June Left Page~

~June Right Page~

Thanks for looking! I've got 3 more pages for you next week.

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Joy Atkinson said...

I really like the additions you made to these pages. I'm enjoying the monthly pages.