Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three More Pages For You

I'm feeling like this blog is a little outdated. When did I set it up? At least 3-4 years ago. I'd really like to change things up a bit but there are so many things I like to do! The pages I post here are primarily digital pages. I'd say for each digi page I make, I do at least 6 paper pages. I haven't liked the way my scanner scans them and I haven't figured out the trick to take good photos of paper pages so those tend not to go up here. In addition to the scrapbooking, I love to read, I knit, I take photos, I try to exercise as close to daily as I can. I know it's ridiculous because I'm not working right now, but finding the time for this blogging business is tough!!

Here are the next 3 months of my 2014 album:

~July Left~

~July Right~



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