Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I cannot believe summer is almost over. There’s only a week and a half until the girls go back to school. Where has the time gone? Our summer has been filled with:

Paddling – Isobel has paddled most mornings this summer. She’s out there in a kayak or some type of canoe in the early morning. She’s really enjoying it and I can understand why. It seems to me like such a nice way to start your day.

Volunteering – Meredith applied and was accepted as a volunteer at our local children’s library. Her duties included signing children up for the reading program, helping out with the promotional materials for the program and preparing crafts for the drop in programs, and of course, reading when things were slow. It was the perfect volunteer position for her and I believe she now has all the hours she needs to graduate.

New York City – We took a week in July and spent it in the Big Apple. Wow. What an experience. We were go go go the whole time we were there and while we saw a lot, there was still a lot we didn’t see. It was a great trip and I’d love to go back there one day.

Port Dover – We went to the beach a couple of times. What a great little beach town.

Jumping – We got a trampoline for the backyard. The girls have spent many hours jumping and jumping and jumping. They desperate for me to get up there, but I’m afraid I’ll break a hip. Or pee my pants.

Park time – The town has installed a new playground in the empty school yard next to the house. Isobel has spent many hours over there happily playing with friends.

Exploring – Meredith discovered an area out on the east end of town that she loves to visit with her friends. It’s right next to the lake and beautifully and peaceful. She took me there one day and I was very impressed. She’s got a great group of friends.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s it for today. Here are my “Year In Our Ordinary Life” pages. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!