Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Last Day of Skiing

Today was our last day of skiing lessons.

We managed to get up and out of the house and were at the ski hill shortly after 9am. It figures that we’ve finally figured it all out and it’s the last day!! LOL

Anyway, it was an awesome day. In spite of brutally cold weather and a wind that froze my fingers inside my mittens, we all had a fantastic time. It is amazing to me how far both Meredith and Isobel have come in 8 short weeks. Both of them are more confident on the hill and can manage getting their skis on and off by themselves. They can handle whatever chairlift you throw them on. They can go down the hill without running into other people or cutting them off. That’s more than I can say for some of the adults learning to ski!!

Isobel, of course, is very interested in the snowboards and is already asking us about racing. She screams down the hill so fast, there were a couple of runs where Dave had a tough time catching up to her. But even though she’s going fast, she can stop when she needs to, is considerate of others and still does her turns. Meredith is her normal cautious self. She takes her time and gets to the bottom when she’s ready but she does it with terrific form and a great deal of control.

I think we’re all going to be lost next Saturday without our skiing, but I’m sure we’ll get out there at least once more before the snow leaves us.

Friday, February 27, 2009

This is known as the Friday Fill-In. I’ve never done one of these before but have seen them on a couple of blogs including this one and this one.

1.I'm happy its Friday, I'm going to head outside soon to pick up all the dead branches on my lawn left by the storms this winter and recently revealed by this unusual thaw, I am totally pumped about surprising my girls after school today.

2. Why do I have the ability to see the good in other people and not see it in myself.

3. How does this iPod thing really work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put BioSilk anti frizz on my hair.

5. I consider myself lucky because I am still in love with my husband.

6. One day we’ll see this recession end.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to picking my girls up early from school and surprising them, tomorrow my plans include skiing lessons and family skiing and Sunday, I want to relax and enjoy my surroundings – and maybe do a little scrapbooking!

Enjoy your day and your weekend.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Title

This is a very quick post since I haven’t posted in so long. This week was a blur of activity. I’ve been neglecting a number of things around the house and I tried to really focus and get it done. I was successful.

Isobel had some teeth pulled on Wednesday.

She was a trooper. And now, it’s like it never actually happened. Kids are so resilient. I’m not sure I would have bounced back quite so quickly.

I got caught up on my 365 pages. Here’s the two I did this week:

The layout is basically the same as for January with just a couple of little changes.

Since I don’t have much to say, I thought I’d share this page that I just completed (digitally) for an online challenge:

Then there’s these pages that I did (again, digitally) some time ago but really like:

This is a paper page from 2004 that I got done one Tuesday afternoon:

That’s it for me.

Hopefully I’ll have more to say tomorrow, or the next day or even the day after that!!

Rock on.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Love Day, Everyone.

You have to watch closely.

Meredith is the girl in red that comes at the camera with her arms in the air and Isobel comes after, dressed in pale purple.

This video was for you, Mom. Unfortunately, I shot it with my cheapie little Fuji camera and it does not have audio. What you don’t get is my girls saying Happy Valentine’s Day and they go swooshing past me. Aren’t they turning into terrific skiers?

This was the first day we have all skied together after lessons. I think they are both doing tremendously well. Being able to ski together is something we’ve been working toward all season. This is how we’ll be spending our Saturdays for the next three weeks! I am so looking forward to it.

This is the girls on the drive home.

I think they’ll both sleep well tonight.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Running again.

Today I ran. Outside. I haven’t run outside in such a long time and it felt so good. I think I probably did as much walking as running but with 8C temperatures, why would I go to the gym?

There was a time when I ran outside religiously 3 times a week. I even managed to run 10K. Wow. I wish I could get there again. It’s the only time in my life when I’ve been able to lose weight and actually keep it off. I had a few injuries that stopped me from running and once you stop, it is so hard to get back there again. It’s a nasty cycle. You stop running, the weight comes back and it gets harder to run. Harder from a cardio perspective but also harder on your body. Sometimes my knees and hips ached so much I couldn’t bear the thought of running.

Today, although it is warm, it is a particularly dreary day. I love dreary days, especially for running. I wonder what that says about me? Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the sun. Especially the way it was earlier this week. Something about a sunny day in the middle of winter helps to lift the spirits and reminds us that spring is coming. But for running, gray is better. No sun beating down on my head making me hot and getting in my eyes making it hard to see.

This was the view looking up my street.

Dreary, huh? Yet, beautiful at the same time.

Lots of fog in the background that made me feel like I was running in my own private world. I loved it. Remind me of that the next time I’m complaining about it, okay?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been making a real effort to get to the gym and run on the treadmill. The amounts of snow and extreme cold temperatures have made it very hard to run outside. Also, I’ve discovered if I run inside on a treadmill with a TV attached I can watch ‘The View’ or ‘Regis and Kelly’! While I’m not normally a person who watches those show, I do find it makes the run so much easier. I hardly notice the time go by.

My goal? To be able to run in the OTMH 5K in June. It’s on Father’s Day. I’d also like to be able to run 10K again. I’m not setting myself a weight loss goal. That’s not foremost in my mind right now. As long as I’m healthy and able to run, the rest will come.

Eleanor Rossevelt said “ You must do the thing, you think you cannot do.” Words to live by, my friends.

Now, I need to shower.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some Pages, Some Stuff

I don’t know what’s going on with me lately. I just don’t seem to be able to sit down and focus on a task and actually get it completed. I’ve got all kinds of things on the go, none of which are completed. It’s leaving me feeling very undone and discombobulated. Tomorrow, I need to FOCUS on one thing at a time and actually get something done. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Having said all that, here are the first 2 pages of my Project 365 album which I did manage to get done last week. Notice all those little snowflakes on the pages? It is my intention to add them to the pages I’ve already done for January.

Now I need to get off my duff and come up with my page design for February. I may have to scraplift one of Barb’s lovely 365 pages.

This year for Christmas I made digital calendars for myself, my mother and my mother in law. I haven't included the monthly grids but here are the calendar pages:

We had a good weekend full of ski lessons and birthday parties. Saturday night was a sleepover for both the girls in Burlington. They came home tired and happy. Dave and I took the opportunity to head to the ROM in Toronto and just hang out. It’s so nice to have that time together to reconnect. Life gets so busy sometimes with kids and programs and life, it’s nice to just slow it down a bit and be a couple instead of responsible parents. It’s also nice to know that after being together as long as we have, we can still talk for hours and make each other laugh. For that, I am thankful.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This Post Is For Donna And Mary!

Don't you guys feel special? These are the pages I was talking about. If you want to see a larger image just hover you mouse over the picture and 'click'.

For those of you who are peeking and are not Donna or Mary, these are some digi pages I did of our trip out to the east coast a couple of years ago.

Thanks for looking. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Back

My apologies for not posting this week. I just haven’t been in the mood. I haven’t been in the mood for much of anything. Actually, I think the February blahs are setting in. However, this is the first day of a new week and I’m going to chase those blahs away!!!

I got my 365 page for the week done:

I know, I know. It looks just like last week’s page. And the week before that. I’m trying to focus on the photos more than the page design and originally I was going to do the entire album with the same basic page design. As I get into this, I realize I’m not going to be able to do the same page 52 times. I just can’t do it. However, I also know that if I’m going to keep this up, it needs to be easy. So, I’m going to do a different page design each month. Today is the first of February so you’ll see a brand new page next week!! Isn’t that exciting? Of course, I still have those first 2 weeks of January to do and they’ll be the same, but, whatever.

Here are a couple of paper pages I’ve done recently:

My apologies for the poor quality. Actually they look a little wonky too. I don’t have a scanner, so I’m taking a photo of the pages and then cropping out my dining room table before posting. Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to get the edges straight. Oh well. You get the general idea, right?

Okay, I’m off now. I’m supposed to be watching the Super Bowl but I figured I watched the half time show and that’s what’s most important, right? LOL

I promise to post more this week. Guides honour.

One last thing. Are you reading my blog and afraid to let me know you’re reading it? It’s okay. That’s what blogs are for. I’d love to know you’re out there!!! It makes me feel loved.

Later, dudes.