Monday, December 28, 2009

An Update

Wow. Has it really been that long since I’ve posted? Things have been crazy around here. Here’s a brief summary for you:

  • Meredith’s Birthday Ice Cream Get Together. It wasn’t a party, just a bunch of gals getting together for ice cream. They giggled their way through the evening and seemed to have a great time sitting by themselves for a Friday night out. Meredith is certainly enjoying being 12.
  • Meredith’s Birthday. We spent the day at home and enjoyed her favourite meal at lunch – ravioli – followed by chocolate cupcakes. We got her a Bamboo Tablet and she is really taking pleasure in drawing on the computer with it and using it as a mouse. That evening we went out to Niagara Falls to enjoy the light display. It was well worth the drive and I’m quite sure we’ll head out that way again, but next time, we’ll get out of the car and walk Clifton Hill.
  • School Concerts. The girls’ school concerts this year were spectacular. Meredith was in the choir, the drama club and her class play. She did a great job and I really enjoy watching her up there. Isobel’s was a musical play about Melton the Snowman. All the classes did a short skit. The younger children always bring a certain enthusiasm to the stage and just love the attention.
  • Roberts Sleepover. The real celebration for Meredith’s birthday came a week later. We took the Roberts girls into Toronto to the ROM, then out for lunch, and then down on the subway to see the Christmas windows in The Bay on Queen Street. After that they came back to our place and slept over. Meredith and Isobel are lucky to have such good friends.
  • We took it easy for the next few days and had our big Christmas dinner with Dave’s mom on Christmas Eve. The girls stayed up late that night watching The Polar Express and were up around 7:30 the next morning.
  • Christmas Day was a flurry of cooking, eating, gift opening, tidying, cooking, eating, more gift opening, etc, etc, for the whole day. Neither of the girls got out of their PJ’s.
  • Boxing Day found us at the movie theatre eating popcorn and drinking Coke by 10:30am. The theatre was empty. It was great.

Since then we’ve been hanging out, putting Christmas presents and re-organizing. I always find this time of the year is a great time to get rid of the old and make room for the new. We seem to do it each year at this time.

I also have a couple of 365 pages to share. It is my intention to continue this into 2010 with a slightly different format. I’ve really enjoyed putting this particular album together and looking back over the pages to remember where we’ve been and what we’ve done.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Tomorrow is Meredith' 12th birthday and I can hardly believe it. Where does the time go? Where did my little baby girl go? She is growing up to be a beautiful girl - both inside and out - and I am proud to be her Mom every single second of every single day.

She's having ice cream with her school mates tonight then relaxing at home for most of the day tomorrow. We'll be heading to Niagara Falls Saturday night to see the Festival of Lights. The big party comes later in the month when we'll be taking the Roberts' girls into Toronto for a day of fun!!

I'll post more about our birthday celebrations later!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


You can tell Christmas is around the corner. Things are getting crazy busy around here although most days I couldn't tell you exactly what I've done. I've got a list of things to do longer than my arm and the girls are only in school for 2 more weeks. This year the kids are out almost a full week before Christmas. I'm looking forward to the break and spending time with them but it does mean I have to get lots accomplished between now and then. Wish me luck. I'm sure most people are in the same boat so I wish you luck too!!

Here's my most recent Project 365 page.

As always, thanks for looking!!