Monday, May 11, 2009

No More Land Line

Well, we finally did it. We got rid of our land line. We ported our home telephone number to a cell phone and cancelled the home phone service. I got myself one of these cutie pies:

The best part? The phone was free. And, even with our long distance charges, our monthly phone bill shouldn’t cost us any more than it was before, in fact, it might even be cheaper.

It’s very liberating somehow to get rid of the land line. It’s weird to look around the house and not see a single phone, but it’s good too.

You can still reach me the same way, because my home number hasn’t changed, but you’ll never know where I am or what I’m doing.


Barbara said...

I'm very intregued by this. ...and you can get my many emails wherever you go, LOL!

Your husband said...

I always know where you are. My people are watching you.