Monday, May 4, 2009


I had an awesome Monday. It wasn’t anything spectacular and I didn’t do anything unusual, it was just really good. I got the house cleaned, I got the bed sheets changed and washed, I rode my bike downtown and went for a swim and I ran some errands. I watched Oprah while I folded laundry, I taught Isobel a little bit about digital scrapbooking and I got my Project 365 page done:

I have not felt very productive lately and I need to feel productive. Today I felt spectacularly productive and it’s a good feeling. Plus, I went swimming. Swimming is one of those things I really enjoy but the process of getting myself in a bathing suit usually stops me from doing it. I love the smell of chlorine on my skin – weird, I know – plus, everyone there is way older than me and they’re not interested in what I look like in my bathing suit.

I think I need to swim more often.


Lisa said...

I can't seem to get the page to come up as it usually does

nicola said...

I couldn't get the 365 page to come up either. I'm very excited for you and your wonderful Monday!! You deserve more of those!

Barbara said...

I love productive days like that too. LOL about swimming with older people and not caring what you look like (although I'm sure you look gorgeous in your bathing suit too). You may want to be careful about some of those old guys. They may start hitting on the spring chick!