Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Rambling

You know what the weirdest thing is about giving up the land line (see my last post)? It has made me hyper sensitive to the phone. I carry it around with me religiously now. I worry about not answering it. I worry about missing a call.


I’ve had about 5 wrong numbers over the course of the 10 days since The Switchover – someone seems to have moved and is giving our number to contractors – but other than that and a couple of really annoying telemarketers, nobody calls me.

It’s a good thing, though. It really reinforces for me our decision to do this. I’m not a phone person. I’m much more likely to email you, than I am to call you. But I think I need to stop carrying it around so much, don’t you?

Oh, and here’s my 365 page for last week:

Thanks for looking!!!

1 comment:

nicola said...

I'm going to call you right now!...and what's with the "one" beer?