Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ear Piercing and High School Musical 3

What a Saturday it was today in the Woodiwiss household. We got Isobel’s ears pierced and went to see High School Musical 3. Woo hoo!!

First the ears.

Isobel has been asking to get her ears pierced since Meredith got hers done 2 years ago. When Meredith got hers done, I told Isobel, she could do it in Grade 2. Boy does time ever fly. She still seems too young to do it, but I didn’t want to go back on my word. We had agreed she would get them done after her birthday, but then she got sick and I didn’t want her doing it when she was all snotty and full of germs and goo. So we waited. One day last week, she asked me when we were going to pierce them. I have to admit, I was kind of hoping she would forget. Fat chance. I told her it needed to be her decision, not mine, and when she was ready she needed to remember to mention it to me on a weekend. Well, she remembered. Here she is before the piercing:

During the piercing:

And after the piercing:

She knew it was going to hurt but I don’t think she realized how much. She did tell me earlier in the week that she knew the second ear would hurt more than the first. Because with the first you weren’t anticipating it like you were with the second. I thought that was a pretty grown up concept to understand. However, she did tell me afterwards that it was actually the second one that hurt the most. She’s fine now and was fine very shortly after. She says she doesn’t regret it, even though it hurt more than she thought it would. Now I just have to be diligent in the care of her newly pierced ears and ward off any potential infection.

Then, we were off to see High Musical 3.

Both girls enjoyed it, although Meredith was a little put off that Troy and Gabriella actually kiss. Five times. She counted. She was a little disgusted.

I certainly don’t remember high school being anything remotely like that. No one danced so well, or dressed so nicely. And I really don’t remember many people wearing 4 inch stilettos. Anyway, as always, these boppy, dancey, movies leave me really wishing I could dance. No such luck, though.

Meredith has gone off to chocolate making class with her friend. I’m hoping she brings some home for me!!

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