Friday, October 24, 2008

Books, books and more books

I am a book hound. I can admit it. It’s been building for a while now but I finally realized it was out of control when I noticed I had 8 books on the go at the same time. Some were due back to the library in 2 weeks and couldn’t be renewed while others had been renewed twice already. I had to take a bunch back and decide which ones I really wanted to read. The others have been entered onto my list with the page I was at duly noted. I don’t think it’s been this bad since I was in high school. I have very clear memories of secretly – or so I thought – reading in class. I would balance the book on my lap and pretend to be working hard. Now that I think back on it, I can’t imagine that my teacher didn’t know what I was doing. I can also remember reading entire Sydney Sheldon books on a Sunday. I’d stay in my pajamas and read in my room until I could barely see. I’m not quire sure why I wasn’t going out or didn’t have any homework.

Right now I’m really enjoying anything by Jodi Picoult. I find her books to be enticingly deceptive. They always twist and turn in ways I hadn’t expected and keep me looking forward to the next page. I’m also reading the teen vampire series by Stephenie Meyer. I really gobble these ones up. I’m on Breaking Dawn right now, which is somewhere around 700 pages, but I bet I’ll have it done in a week. I know they’re teen novels and they’re about a young girl who loves a vampire, but for some reason, I really enjoy them. Perhaps it’s because I can read them so fast, or perhaps it’s because they really are so far from reality, it is true entertainment.

I’ve got a long list of books I want to read on my blackberry. I am pleased to say Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre are on that list but for the most part I like trashy novels. The trashier, the better. I am just thankful that I’ve reached a point in my life where I have the time and the desire to read. When the girls were little, my ability to read almost totally disappeared. Not only was lack of time an issue, but also my capacity to focus and retain what I’d read just wasn’t there.

There’s nothing quite like a nice cup of tea and a good book on a lovely fall day.

Gotta go. Breaking Dawn is calling me.

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