Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween And A Perfect Fall Day

This was the first year Meredith did not trick or treat with us. A true sign that she is getting older! Before we left Isobel decorated the front door with these little notes. She loves her little notes.

The costumes this year were both homemade. Isobel went as a fairy princess but most people thought she was a bride.

It’s so good to see my bridal veil being put to such good use. Meredith wore it one year when she was a princess bride and it also gets worn often around the house. I wish I was so uninhibited that I could wander around the house wearing a bridal veil!

Meredith dressed up as a cat in a tree.

She saw the idea in a magazine a long time ago and never faltered. It was a beautifully mild night with lots of leaves and crisp fall air. A very perfectly spooky Halloween.

The girls frolicked in the leaves today. We have a lot of them.

Lots and lots and lots of them. I like them and the girls like them but I don’t think Dave does. He’s the one that has to rake them all up.

Isn’t this tree beautiful? It’s in our front yard.

This one is in our neighbour’s front yard.

I love this time of year with all the leaves changing colour and the coolness in the air. Today is a perfect fall day.

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