Monday, May 25, 2015

Another Sketch for the Nerds

The Scrapbook Nerds have another Sketch up on the Forum designed by yours truly. I'm really enjoying creating these sketches but I hope I never run out of ideas!!

This is the sketch:

And here's my take on the sketch. You'll notice most of my pages are almost direct duplicates but that is certainly not the case all the time. I'm finding when I do the sketch I follow it completely. But when I use someone else's it often ends up looking totally different.

These photos were taken last summer when Meredith and I took a quick trip out to Vancouver Island to see my mother. While we were there we visited a Lavender Farm. When we pulled in a couple of dogs ran to the car barking and causing quite a stir. My mother is good with dogs so she got out and calmed them down, then Meredith and I emerged. Neither of us is good with barking, bouncing dogs. 

One of them really took a shine to Meredith and wouldn't let her walk more than a couple of steps without flopping down on her feet and demanding a belly rub.  Meredith had had a bad experience with a couple of foster dogs at a friends house that caused her to believe dogs just didn't like her. I had no idea!! 

Meredith was delighted to discover dogs actually liked here

We spent more time with the dogs than admiring the lavender. 

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Joy Atkinson said...

So pretty! I even like all the purple 😉 this sketch is great Milena.