Friday, June 28, 2013

More Yummy Recipes!!

More recipes today!!
I have always loved lemon loaf but I had never made one. I have memories of a friend in grade 3 whose mom would make the best lemon loaf. I loved going over to her house and I was always hopeful that lemony goodness would await me. Meredith and I made this lovely lemon loaf and it was great.
I’m all about the short cuts!! It starts out with lemon cake mix and lemon jelly powder. It’s a beautiful combination of sweet and tangy. I also love that the recipe makes 2 loaves. I make them both, cut them in half and freeze 3 of the halves. If I didn’t do that, it would be gone in no time!!
This next recipe is a plain old hot roast beef sandwich pimped out to be the best roast beef sandwich I’ve ever tasted. Seriously.
You can make these ahead and keep them in the freezer or fridge until you’re ready to eat. But be prepared. There’s something about the onion, mayo, horseradish, and poppy seed mixture that is to die for. We’ve made them a few times. Isobel is not a huge fan of the sauce I love so much so I just make hers with mayo. I always use real cheese and I’ve only tried them with the roast beef. I’m thinking I might have to try them with turkey or ham or some sort of combination. I think they would also work really well on the barbeque. Pioneer Woman Cooks is a treasure trove of great recipes. Some of them are a bit complicated but this sandwich is not at all. Any of the more time consuming recipes on her site I pass along to Dave. We’ve haven’t been disappointed yet.

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Joy said...

Those do look yummy! It's been ages since I had a hot roast beef sandwich.