Monday, January 21, 2013

Project Life - photo a day

I am so glad to be doing a project like this again. It has taken me some time to settle on exactly how, but I think I've finally figured it out.The album is going to be 12x12 and all the pages will be fully digital.

I'm using the Becky Higgins Project Life Turquoise Album and Core Kit, along with Project Life page templates that I ordered through Scrapbooker's Inner Circle and AC Digitals.

I got the plain 12x12 protectors, as well as some plain and some pocket 6x12 protectors. My intention this year is not to take a photo every single day, but to take pictures of things in our life that are ordinary but I want to remember. There will be days without any photos, and there will be days with multiple photos. There will also be images taken from the internet when I haven't been able to take a photo. I also want to keep random pieces of memorabilia - gas and grocery receipts, movie tickets, etc. All these and any extra photos will go in the 6x12 protectors.

I've completed the Cover Page for the album as well as the pages for the first week of 2013. Some elements on the Cover Page came from Cathy Zielske and everything else from AC Digitals. On the Week 1 pages all supplies are from AC Digitals except the date stamp which came from Snow Moon LLC on Etsy.

Here is the Cover and Week One for you. I am hard at work on Weeks 2 and 3. Where does the time go?

Cover Page

Week 1 - left page

Week 2 - right page

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Joy said...

Looking pretty fabulous M. Love the title page!