Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 YIOOL - Final Pages

For 2012 I changed things up a bit. Instead of doing my usual Project 365 where I took a photo a day for the entire year and created a layout for each weeks' photos I did an album based on the  A Year In Our Ordinary Life album templates that I downloaded from my copy of Jessica Sprague's Computer Tips and Tricks. The album was a quick look at the year. Just 15 photos per month. Here are my last few pages of the year:

 (October won't load - don't know why - sorry)

I have to be honest, I didn't enjoy this format as much as the Project 365 albums that I've completed in the past. This one didn't get me excited about doing the pages, it didn't get me excited about taking photos and I don't think it really gives a full picture of what our life was like in 2012. I changed the format to make things easier for me and while it did that, I think it is lacking somehow.

So, what am I going to do for 2013? Well, I'm hoping to have a bit more time on my hands this year, so I am going back to the photo a day/layout per week concept. I'm basing what I'm doing on Project Life as created by Becky Higgins and following closely along with Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske for inspiration and ideas. I know though, that in order to be successful I need to make this as easy as possible. I have ordered my album and page protectors including some 6x12 protectors to include some memorabilia and I've downloaded the Turquoise Kit and Page Templates from AC Digitals. In order for this to work, itneeds to be digital for me. No cutting, no pasting, just an hour a week at the computer, upload to Costco and voila - it's done. 

Of course, it's January 8th and I haven't started, so I'm already a week behind. Cross your fingers for me. I'm going to see what I can get done.


Barbara said...

It's so good to see your blog posts again ... and even more that you're scrapping again.
Love your pages.

Joy said...

You so inspire me to want to do project life. I can only imagine how your albums must look. I'm gonna finish this year ;)
btw-- check out this for PL planning LOVE IT!! & I have been using it.