Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Week's Photos and Page

Here are my photos from last week:

 Dave heading off to squash on Sunday morning. Do you think his bag is big enough? He plays every Monday night through the fall and winter and almost every Sunday morning, plus at least once or twice through the week. He's very committed to his sport.

I took a walk by the lake on Monday morning then came back along the Lakeshore and went to the library, the bakery, the bank and the fruit market. I really enjoy doing my errands this way and wish I made the time to do it more often.

My current knitting project. I wonder if I'll finish it. Better yet, will it actually fit anyone?

I was out Wednesday night and Dave took this photo of the girls enjoying their dinner and sent it to me. They do enjoy their PBnJ dinners with Dad!!

I was back to the Retinal Specialist on Thursday again. The appointment took 2.5 hours!!! My eye and my vision is getting better but I'm still scheduled for the shot on April 11th. There's a chance I won't need it if the vision has improved more. Cross your fingers for me!!

I've started running again. I do miss it so. I'm going to be diligent in my stretching and take many Epsom Salt baths to drive away my aches and pains so I don't quit again.

Isobe had a birthday party over the dinner hour on Saturday so Dave, Meredith and I went to Whole Foods for dinner. I really liked this sign and thought it would make a great cover page for my 365 album next year.

And here is the resulting page:

Thanks for looking!!


Anonymous said...

Wrote you along comment and "they" deleted it - something to do w/ my google a/c..?????
So sorry, no time to re-do! Enyoyed all your pages etc LOL Mum

Your husband said...

My're jealous.