Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scrap Space

When we moved to this house in 2002, a corner of the basement was dedicated as my scrapping area. In the last house, I had my own room and I really felt I needed that here too. It was in the playroom but I was okay with that. It worked. I could scrap while the girls played, watched TV etc.

Then we acquired Dave’s Dad’s old hobby desk. I liked the idea of using it for my scrapping because I could stand at it, because it was old and because it had been Dave’s Dad’s. We moved all my scrapping stuff into Dave’s office and I got rid of my scrapping tables. We shared the office and each had our own workspace.

However, the table faced the wall and I discovered I don’t do well facing a wall with my back to the room. I also found the table was too tall for me to stand at and the only stool that was tall enough for it was the one I came with. I had to climb up onto it and there was a crack in the seat that pinched my bottom. Ouch.

Eventually I moved all my scrapping stuff up to the dining room. I put baskets full of supplies under the old church pew; I filled the bottom of the china cabinet. I took over the dresser that stands in the corner. It worked very well for quite some time. I found I could crop for 5 or 10 minutes at a time while cooking dinner and helping with homework. The only downside was that my dining room always looked like a bomb hit it. Plus, we got a new table and chairs that were just the wrong height for me. I found I couldn’t sit at the table for more than 15 minutes without my lower back aching.

So, I moved it all back down to Dave’s office in the basement. It all fit in and looked very neat and tidy but it was first and foremost his office. So, on the weekends, he’d be down there so I couldn’t crop. At night, he’d be down there so I couldn’t crop. I couldn’t leave things out and messy when they were in progress and not finished yet. I must admit, it drove me slowly crazy.

So, I have reclaimed my original corner of the playroom. It’s not fancy and perhaps not even particularly attractive, but it’s mine.

And I love it. I love the fact that the girls are often down there and I can work alongside them while they are crafting, gaming, playing or watching TV. I’ve got myself my space back.

I never should have moved it in the first place.


Dee said...

ahhh, gotta love that wisdom in hindsight. Just think, you would never have known that where you had it was the best spot unless you had tried out all the others... now you know and can use that knowledge to help you for the future.
I must admit though that the thought of having to cart all the scrapping stuff (multiple times)and get it set up again so it works is not a task i relish.

Anonymous said...

Looks great to me! Must admit I would love to have proper studio space again instead of just the kitchen table ( all that stuff has to be cleaned up every time I finish painting for the day). Mind you , it was better than here, where I STILL haven't found a spot where I'm comfortable and have a sense (however small) of privacy. So, your mother is jealous!!! LOL