Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let's Review My List

I’ve decided it’s time to review my list. You remember it don’t you? Well, if not, you can find my original post here.

Let’s see:

Project 365 – I haven’t actually managed to take a photo a day, but some days I have taken more than one photo, so I think I’m averaging out to one per day. The scrapbooking part – now that’s a whole other story. I’m 3 weeks behind on that part of the project. I am still enjoying it, though.

This blog – I go through blog frenzies and blog droughts. I have managed to add a couple of new things on the side bar (have you noticed?). I’m hoping still to jazz it up a bit and, of course, I need to swap out that winter header for a new spring one. Give me time, people, give me time.

My volunteer duties for the schools – these are ongoing and while I’m still volunteering, it is one area I’ve cut back on a bit this year.

The gym – Hmmm. Let’s not go there. I have managed to start running again. I'm doing about 3.5K twice a week. Not too bad.

ACDsee online course – I have made an effort to set aside an hour each Thursday to work on this one, and, guess what? I’ve managed to watch all the course videos. Now I just have to do the work.

Keeping in touch with friends and family – I do my best but sometimes I feel like it’s just not good enough. Just because I’m not in touch, doesn’t mean I don’t want to be in touch. Call me or drop me a line, okay?

All my unfinished paper scrapbook pages – those ones are all done and I’ve already got a whole new stack in the hopper ready to go.

Scrapbook pages for November/December 2008 – Mostly done too. I think I’ve only got to stick down the journaling on one of them.

Eating healthy – Doing my best with this one. I think I’m eating better than I was but perhaps not as good as I should be.

Organizing my iPod Nano – I haven’t even touched this one.

Books – the vamp. books are all done and I really enjoyed them. I’m actually trying to cut back on how much I was reading. There are too many other things I want to do.

I’ve also got a stack of magazines next to my chair that I’d like to read – the originals are gone, but they’ve been replaced by a whole new stack!

I made myself a scarf in the fall and would like to finish the hat and mitts to go along with it – haven’t even started this one.

Keeping the house clean and my family fed – most days!

Spending time with my family and really and truly enjoying them – always.

I don’t think I’m doing too badly. I’m doing a bit of consulting for a friend’s company and that will take precedence over a lot of these things I want to do. But I’m happy. Happy with what I’ve done. Happy with what I’m doing. And happy with the direction life is leading me.

I’ll check back with this list again in a couple of months.

Thanks for reading.

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Barbara said...

you're doing great in my books. I think my list would be pretty depressing. I need someone to light a fire under me!