Thursday, April 2, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

Okay, so I’ve been getting some attitude from some people about my lack of blogging lately. I just don’t have it in me today, to come up with something witty and engaging. So I’m doing another meme. This one is called Booking Through Thursday and you can find it here.

How often do you use your public library and how do you use it? I am at my Public Library at least once a week either for myself or for Meredith. I don’t buy many books anymore although I love to go to the bookstore. I find it easier to find good books at the bookstore so I lurk around with my notebook, writing down interesting looking titles and authors then head home to my trusty computer. I log on to my local library’s website and search for the books I’d like to read. I place a hold on the books and the lovely automated library lady calls me when they are ready for pick up. Of course, sometimes this backfires (like this week) and I end up with too many non-renewable, two week only books on my night table.

Has the coffeehouse/bookstore replaced the library? Not for me. There’s nothing quite like the quiet you find in a library.

Did you go to the library as a child? I don’t specifically remember going to the library as a child but I’m sure I did. I do remember the library at my grade school and high school. I know I spent a lot of time in both those places.

Do you have any particular memories of the library? In grade school I was enthralled with the Anne of Green Gables series and can remember searching through the old dusty school library to find them. In high school, I found the library was a great place to retreat to and get work done so that I could enjoy my evenings.

Do you like sleek, modern, active libraries or the older, darker, quiet, cozy libraries? I don’t think I have a preference. For me, a library is a library, no matter what it looks like.

And now I leave you with a photo:


Barbara said...

LOL! I wasn't going to say anything about you blogging absence, but I'm thrilled to see a post from you today.

Husband said...

Well the "attitude" must be from me then. I was merely demonstrating my keen interest in your blog and the insights you allow the public to have into your life.

nicola said...

ya.....the "attitude" was from ME!!!!
just like your "husband" I merely enjoy your blogs so much that I'm disappointed when I'm updated on the goings on of your more interesting life!

nicola said...

sorry that should have read....
when I'm NOT updated on the goings on of your more interesting life!