Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last Weekend

Last Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of having Nicola’s girls over for a sleepover. These 4 girls have known each other practically since they were born. They are all very much alike and they all get along so well. And it certainly helps that Nic and I are good friends too. She’s one of my favourite people to hang out with. She makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. I don’t get to see her enough.

I would have nominated her for the Sisterhood Award for sure, if only she had a blog -~sigh~. (But, she is working on a website. As soon as that's up and running, I will definitely link her up here.)

We took a short walk to the lake with the girls on Saturday. The weather was perfect. The children were perfect. The photos? Well, they’re perfect too.


nicola said...

you are just the sweetest! especially loved your blog today! I love you!

Barbara said...

Friendships like that are very special!