Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weekend

Our weekends have been very relaxing lately.

This weekend on Friday night, after dinner, we had ourselves a little euchre tournament. I have to admit I really enjoy playing cards and did quite a lot of it in high school and through university. It’s funny for me to see the two of them knocking on the table and throwing their cards down. I really get a charge out of it.

We’ve got skiing lessons for the girls on Saturday mornings. Our original plan was to ski as a family after their lesson, but after careful consideration, Dave and I decided that might not be a great idea. He and I are not the most patient people, especially when we’re trying to teach our children how to do something, so we figured it would be best to let the instructors do the instructing.

I think it was a very wise decision on our part.

The girls are really enjoying their lessons and don’t feel any pressure to advance any faster than they are comfortable. This week, Isobel was on the ‘big hill’. She was worried about it when she went to bed Friday night but faced her fears head on. She came down the hill that first time with a HUGE smile on her face. It’s so great to see them enjoying something I enjoy so much. I’m optimistic that sometime within the next month we’ll get to have that Saturday afternoon of family skiing that I’m so looking forward to.

It has been quite cold hanging out around the bottom of the hill while the girls have their lessons. The wind really whips through Glen Eden but unfortunately we’ve found the chalet is too crowded to find seats to wait inside. This week I found these things in the mud room closet when I cleaned it out. I have no idea how long they’ve been in there but, boy, do I love them. I put one in each of my boots and my tootsies were toasty warm. Nothing says ‘I’m happy’ quite like warm feet.

This weekend after skiing Isobel had a birthday party so Dave and I got to hang out with Meredith. We had a lovely lunch with her. She had a science test to study for so while she did that, he and I donated the two desks in the basement and put an old tin topped table in their place. It’s looking a little less crowded down there. A little.

Sunday, Dave plays squash in the mornings while I do some chores around the house. This time it was Meredith’s turn to be out (at a friends house) after lunch so Dave and I got to hang out with Isobel. We took her downtown for a hot chocolate. When we got home, it was time to Wii. Man, I love that thing. Are adults allowed to admit that? It’s a lot of fun. I even enjoy watching the girls while they play.

It was a great weekend. And while I feel like I was totally able to relax, I feel like I was productive and got stuff done too. Plus it was a bonus to have some time alone with each of the girls.

On the funnier side of things, Meredith is studying the solar system in science right now and has been studying this weekend for a test on Monday. She’s quite fascinated by the planet Uranus and can’t help but giggle every time she reads about it. She wants to know who would give a planet such a name. You can only imagine what other conversations we have had about the word ‘Uranus’ and its connotations.

Yet another sign, my girl is getting older.

Well, I guess I’m back to my long posts. Sleep well, my reader, and have yourself a great day.


Anonymous said...

don't you love the hand warmers!?!! I picked up some at Sport Check! The girls love them too!

Barbara said...

how nice that each of your girls got to get some of mom and dad's undivided attention for a while. I'm sure they really enjoyed it.