Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Weekend

On Saturday we did another garage sale with the Frain's. We sold a few more little things but still haven't gotten rid of the chairs that we really need to move out of the basement. After that Mer and I took a nice little bike ride down to Cobs and the Black Forest Bakery to pick up supplies for lunch. It is so nice to be able to go for a bike ride with her. She's really enjoying her bike and even though she's taken a couple of tumbles this year, they have not deterred her or made her afraid like they would have in the past. And I have to say I am loving my bike with it's big comfy seat, high handlebars and basket. I ride it all the time and even look forward to riding it. We had lunch then went to the Club to play tennis. Even though my foot hurt. I'm not ready to give everything up until I'm told I have to.

We went for yet another bike ride on Sunday to Gairloch Gardens with Isobel on the Trail a Bike with Dave. She needs to learn to ride!!

Later on Sunday, Meredith discovered a cookbook that Grandma gave her for Christmas last year. She made these delicious Snap Gingers all on her own on Sunday. They were delicious. I wish I could share one across the internet so you could taste. She was very proud of herself and only got the tiniest of burns on one of her fingers that she handled quite well. She's planning on making us dinner on Thursday so I'll post more about that at the time.

Not a great photo, but here we have 2 cats snuggled up together in one tiny little basket. I just love the way they rely on each other and even though they fight, we find them like this quite often. All snuggled up with their little paws around each other.

Yesterday it was over 30 degrees here and today it's down around 12 right now with a high of 14. Just bizarre. I'm going to have to run over to the school with more clothes for Isobel. She's wearing a light dress without anything on her legs.

More later .....

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