Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another Camp Page

I don't think Camp was easy for Isobel. She likes her time alone. She likes her sleep. She's particular about her food and she likes her 'comforts' (eg. a soft bed).

The hardest part about the trip for her was the out trip. Her cabin canoed 18km. I'm sure it was exhausting. The 'Trippers' did the portaging for them and that impressed me. I have so much respect for these young women who head out in the wilderness with a group of tweens and help them navigate from campsite to campsite lugging canoes and food and setting up and taking down camp each night. Wow. I'm sure they had to deal with their fair share of tween drama too!!

One thing I wanted to stress for Isobel was for her to focus on the positive aspects of her out trip. Not the fact that it was hard. Not the fact that she had to use the wilderness as her bathroom. Not the fact that she had to navigate her canoe through some difficult rapids. And certainly not the fact that her canoe tipped and her gear floated away. But that she did something that was difficult and survived - more than survived - she experienced things not everyone gets to experience.


Joy Atkinson said...
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Joy Atkinson said...

Very cool layout. I really like the transparent journaling strip. It great that she Isabelle got out of her comfort zone on this trip, see the world in a different way. Ruffing it isn't everyone's cup of tea. High-five on the 18km canoe trip :D

Barbara said...