Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project Life Notebook (yes, it's a Moleskine)
Anyone one who knows me knows I love a good list. (That list is even better if it’s recorded in a Moleskine notebook, but that’s another obsession for another day!)
I remind you of this post here and then my later post here.
That was a couple of years ago and life got busy but I still have lists on the go. Lists of things to do around the house. Lists of books to read. Lists of scrapbook pages to do. Lists of craft projects. Lists of things to get done around the house. (and on and on and on) Those are my ‘big picture’ lists. I also have my daily list of things to do, things to buy and what we’re eating for the week. Then there’s the list that doesn’t stop running around my head of the things I don’t do. That’s the worst list. The fruits and veggies I didn’t eat. The exercise I didn’t get. The friend I didn’t call. That list I don’t write down!!
I thought I would take this opportunity to share that list again. It seems to help me be accountable and get some things on it accomplished. This is my general things to do list. Perhaps I’ll share another of my lists on another day but what I’d really like to do here is revisit this one in a few months to see how I’m doing. Here it goes:
Tune up Meredith’s flute. This is a tough one. It’s hard to pry it out of her hands.
Complete 2013 Project Life album. I'm already on my way with this one!
Sort and organize all my computer files. My computer blew up in December and hasn’t been the same since. They are files missing, files where they shouldn’t be and files I don’t recognize. It all needs to be sorted out. I’m thinking the easiest way might be to make the jump and get myself a Mac Book.
Redo the blog. I’d like to change things here up a bit and include some buttons and a bit more information.
Get my email address set up on my own domain. It’s so much faster than my current provider.

Plan out some scrapbook pages. I did not manage to complete a single page from 2012. That has to change.

Move all our videos to a private channel on YouTube so we can watch them easily. Apple TV make YouTube so much more accessible.

Do our NYC album. I can't wait to go again!

Do the album from our summer 2010 trip. This one needs to be a priority.

Paint the sunroom, mudroom, powder room, office and maybe the playroom.
Actually take all the online classes I’ve paid for.

Try some She Art and Art Journals. (You can see more local Art Journaling here)

Tile the backsplash in the kitchen.
Figure out what I want to do when I grow up. This one is a tough one. I’ve been working on it for a few years now!!

That’s it. I don’t think I’m going to get it all done in 2013 but a girl can hope. I promise to do my best to do as much as possible.
Of course, I do have all those books to read and craft projects to do. They may take priority over some of the things here.

What about you? Is there anything on your list?


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Barbara said...

I have lots on my many lists.
Your books will be so cool to look back on years from now. I'm sure your lists tell a great story of who you are and what's important to you.