Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm Back

Hello . . . hello . . . hello . . .

Is there anybody out there? . . . out there . . . out there . . .

It’s been a long time since I contributed to this blog. Over 6 months since I’ve posted anything at all and close to a year since I did anything regular. I will admit that I have missed it. I stopped because I wasn’t really sure anyone was reading it. Was it missed? Did anyone miss hearing about the minutia of my daily life? My rants and my musings? I’m not sure.

I have to admit comments were important to me and the lack of comments played a large role in my absence. A part of me needs that feedback that yes, what I’m writing is worthy of someone else reading. What I’m writing is actually being read by someone other than me. But what I realized lately was that I do the same thing with the blogs I read. I read them religiously every single time the author posts and I thoroughly enjoy them but I don’t comment. Why is that? I know as a blogger getting that positive reinforcement is important but I don’t do that myself.

I was reading a friends blog recently (and I don’t think I commented – my sincere apologies – you know who you are) who was also contemplated giving up her blog. This particular friend has a large following and I’m sure they read it regularly but they don’t comment. She came to the eventual conclusion that that was okay with her. She didn’t necessarily blog for other people. She, like me, is a scrapbooker and if nothing else, the blog posts become journaling for future pages. I think that’s a great way of looking at it. I read another blog of a woman I don’t know who has actually given up blogging specifically because of a lack of comments. Her blog was a bit different from mine. She posted scrapbook page layouts for others to use. She had a design team who would do pages based on her sketches and those would be posted too. I loved her sketches and her design team’s layouts but I never commented. I will miss her blog tremendously and am left wishing I had left her some love. Perhaps if more people had we’d still have her incredible talent to spur our scrapbooking projects and creativity.

So, I guess what I’m saying here is that I’m back. You certainly don’t need to comment but I’d love it if you did. I’m going to make a conscious effort to comment on the blogs I read regularly so that they don’t disappear. For me though, this isn’t as much about who reads it anymore but more about journaling about what is important to me. Sharing what makes me laugh. Recording what occasions, thoughts or events I don’t want to forget that may become a scrapbook page one day.


Lisa said...

Actually I did indeed read all your posts, and have missed it so my apologies for not posting. I will correct that for future posts I promise!! :)

Barbara said...

I'm so glad you're back ... and yes, I read each and every one of your blog posts.
I'm guilty, too, of reading a lot of blogs regularily, and not leaving comments.
In the end, it's cool to look back over the years of blogging and have all that documented.

Your husband said...

I read it everytime! I even reread old posts when there's nothing new.

Michal said...

I check your blog regularly and also fail to leave comments. So Sorry!

I guess we all have the same feeling about our blogs. I was feeling the same way! But really they are just another way to document what we are up to daily...or weekly..... or even semi monthly!

Its still fun to look back and see what we posted!