Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We had a great weekend. There was lots of lying around the house. Lots of BBQ and lots of swimming. There was even a migraine but even that did not put a damper on my good mood.

We went out to the Chicopee Tube Park where they have a zip line, a eurobungy trampoline, a vertical playground, summer tubing and a spider web climber. I didn’t do any of the climbing or jumping things and I have to admit the tubing was lame but the zip lining was awesome!!

You climb all the way up the hill, and climb up to the top of the wooden platform where you wait until it’s your turn. Then, when the light goes green, you open the gate and step out onto a tiny suspended staircase that has no railing. From there you slide or jump off and scream your way to the bottom. It’s only 300 metres and you’re at the bottom in about 22 seconds but it was so much fun. Even Isobel was able to zip down.

The place was not crowded nor was it expensive. I would absolutely do it again.

Next up is the Eco Adventure Tour in Collingwood as soon as Isobel is 85 lbs. Or bungee jumping.

I think I might be an adrenaline junkie.


JOY said...

That place looks like a really fun time. Great pic's.
Summer family fun.

Michal said...

We did the Collingwood one last summer! It was awesome!