Monday, April 4, 2011

365 pages

So, here they are. My pages for the last couple of weeks.

I know I don't post much on here anymore but I do appreciate you coming and visiting and looking at my life. I'm hoping one day to get back into blogging mode, but that day is not today.

And here are a couple I did a few weeks ago:

Thanks so much for looking. I hope you liked them!!


JOY said...

Awesome Milena !
I love the pics/layouts meredith and spider girl.
Keepin' up to date with PL is a great feeling.
I am behind on my journaling.

Thanks for posting :)

Barbara said...

I'm not much in a blogging mood lately either. I'm in a bit of a funk. I'm loving your 365s!!

PhatPinkyz said...

GREAT!!! why is it all kids can do the spider walk? my MIL is always wondering why we have hand prints waaaaaayyyyy up near the ceilings! LOL!!! toobad i cant "spidey" my way up their to rub them off!!! SUPER GREAT photographs! xoxd