Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Eyes

I’ve been getting some questions from friends lately about my eye and how it’s doing these days.

I did have an appointment with the Retinal Specialist a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately my vision at this appointment was worse than at the appointment before. I had some Digital Imaging done and the Doctor reviewed the results with me.

At this point there is not enough ‘fluid’ on the retina to warrant treatment with medication (The Shot), so we wait. My vision fluctuates from day to day and even over the course of a day I notice it changing. I notice it most when I’m looking at things close up. Details no longer come easily to me, however that could be attributed as much to age as to the retinal issue. My long distance vision is affected inasmuch as I can’t read street signs from as far away as I used to. Other than that, it’s like I’m looking through a haze and on really bad days images sometimes seem distorted or even double but I can still see just fine. Honest. It’s very hard to explain. It’s almost like seeing shadows.

So, yet again, we wait. I’ve picked up some mild reading glasses to use when I’m scrapbooking, knitting or doing anything close up. Apparently the reading glasses at the dollar store are just as good, so I bought a few pairs. I have another appointment in December and more Digital Imaging. The vision in that eye needs to remain constant and when that happens I will most likely be fitted with prescription glasses that will address both the near and far sighted issues I find myself with right now. He promises me they will be ‘cool mom glasses’, whatever that is.

The ironic part of all this (as some of you already know) is that I’ve always wanted glasses. When I was in Grade 3, I intentionally read all the letters wrong on the eye chart. Obviously I was so far off the mark the technician recognized what was going on and I did not get glasses.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for.

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Barbara said...

that's so funny. I remember really wanting glasses when I was a kid too.
I hope your vision stabilizes soon and you can be fitted for those very cool "mom glasses"