Friday, May 28, 2010

365 Pages

I've been waiting for the time to write up a long winded post about the 365 pages I did a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to outline the photos and give a little more detail . . .  HOWEVER . . .

I have not found the time. Nor have I made the time. I figured a post with the pages was better than no post at all so here they are:
I've taken my photos for May but have not designed the page yet. I'm hoping to do that sometime before the end of June!!!

I've got a couple more items on my Design Blog (or I will have in a few minutes!) if you'd  like to check it out.


Nicola said...

checked out the design blog!!!
love the cards and of course I love my freaking to do list....I need to buy another one as mine is all used up!!

Barbara said...

you're doing so much better on the 365 than I am. My layouts are so far behind, but the photos are almost all up to date.