Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Break Update

Whew. This blog thing is sometimes hard to keep up with. I’m hoping to get some of those pesky (but oh-so-satisfying) 365 pages done soon and posted but until then; I’ll just give you a bit of an update of all that’s going on around here. Plus, my 365 photos from last week.

March Break was a good one. Sadly, we did not manage to get away but we did manage to cram a lot of fun into one week. I think both the girls feel they had a good sampling of hanging out at the house and ‘touristy’ activities.

Last weekend we hung around the house. We walked downtown; we got stuff done around the house, friends dropped by. It was very relaxing.

Then on Monday we were off to the Ontario Science Centre where we saw the Grand Canyon Omnimax movie. The girls and I all thought it was great but unfortunately it left Dave feeling a little ill. It’s usually me that gets hit with motion sickness, not him. Weird.

Tuesday and Wednesday found the girls and I at the Fallsview Indoor Water Park in Niagara Falls. We enjoyed the Water Park a lot and managed to trawl Clifton Hill and ride the Skywheel, visit the Funhouse and the Guinness Book Museum. Plus we managed to make some purchases at both the Fudge Factory and the Hershey Store – yum yum. You can’t go there and not look at the Falls so we did that too. Niagara Falls is one of those places that you can always find something to do. In fact, there were lots of things we didn’t do, so I’m sure we’ll go back.

Thursday we met grandma for some brunch at The Sunnyside Grill then wandered through the downtown area. We went to the bakery and the library then took a detour and spent some time at the park by the lake. It was a lovely relaxing day and I’m so glad we got outside and enjoyed the sunshiny spring-like weather. The temperature that day was 19 degrees Celsius. Just glorious.

Friday we went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid then hit the mall for some shopping. Meredith does not like shopping and while we got a couple of things, we didn’t manage to get all that we needed. When is it that girls start to enjoy shopping? It hasn’t happened here yet.

We’ve tried to just hang out at the house this weekend and relax. There have been playdates and walks and more trips to the library. And Meredith did a little babysitting. Here she is on her way there. Wow, she's getting very grown up.
That’s it for our March Break. How was yours?

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Lyon said...

Really enjoyed the pics of your week as well as the phone conv. we had about it all.
Yes, Meredith is looking very grown-up these days. Lovely to see, even if it is from a distance. LOL Mum. Oh,BTW, lovely new light fixture - and my artwork is still on the wall !!!! TX sweetie (even tho I may be in the wrong spot for this comment).