Thursday, January 7, 2010

All About Meredith

A couple of things I've been meaning to share are Meredith's comic and her flute playing. I'm putting these on here primarily so my Mom can see them but also because I'm proud of her for working through things and never giving up.

This is her comic - The Girls of the Elements:

She started this early in 2009 (I can't remember exactly when) and she finished it in November. She worked so hard on it. I love the details showing the arms moving up and down and the image of just the feet so we know the girls are walking. Way to go Meredith. You had a vision and you saw it through to the end. I can't wait to see the next installment.

Now here she is playing the flute.

The flute has not always come easy to her and I think she finds it quite challenging. One day over the holidays she went up to her room and didn't come down until she had learned the tune. Again, she persevered and saw it through to the end.

I am proud of this girl each and every day.


Nicola said...

YAY Meredith!!! Great job honey!

Nicola said...

and I LOVE the comic strip....I can't wait to find out what those crazy girls get up to next!

Barbara said...

Way to go Meredith! That's great. I love the comic too. I remember when my boys were very into making comics. I think Matt was in grade seven at the time too.