Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mr. Rogers

Yesterday morning when we woke up, Dave put the little TV on in our bedroom so we could watch the Weather while we got ready. It’s always good to know what the weather’s going to do, especially when you know you’re going to be outside most of the day.

Anyway, he accidentally put the TV on PBS which runs kids shows on Saturday mornings. Mr. Rogers was on. It was so funny to watch Mr. Rogers. He was vacuuming his couch and showing the children in television land how to vacuum and how you can sometimes find things that have gone missing under your couch cushions. Then a neighbour came by who wanted to borrow the vacuum. They both sung to us then went outside to talk to Trolley and some of their puppet friends.

It is amazing to see how much children’s programming has changed over the years. Do children still find Mr. Rogers vacuuming to be interesting? They’ve got so much constantly thrown at them and it’s all so fast and so high tech and colourful, it’s nice to see something so simple. It’s also nice to know it’s still on TV and has stood the test of time.

Whatever happened to the Jolly Green Giant?

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Barbara said...

I loved the Friendly Giant! We would all watch it together and when he would move the little chairs around, we would fight over who's they were. LOL!