Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Love Day, Everyone.

You have to watch closely.

Meredith is the girl in red that comes at the camera with her arms in the air and Isobel comes after, dressed in pale purple.

This video was for you, Mom. Unfortunately, I shot it with my cheapie little Fuji camera and it does not have audio. What you don’t get is my girls saying Happy Valentine’s Day and they go swooshing past me. Aren’t they turning into terrific skiers?

This was the first day we have all skied together after lessons. I think they are both doing tremendously well. Being able to ski together is something we’ve been working toward all season. This is how we’ll be spending our Saturdays for the next three weeks! I am so looking forward to it.

This is the girls on the drive home.

I think they’ll both sleep well tonight.

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Lyon said...

I loved it! Photos are wonderful, video clips take me there - and I don't even have to stand in the cold! What more could a loving mother and doting Nana ask for ? I even muttered to myself "They'll sleep well" when I saw the in-car shots.
thanx darlin', Me.