Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time to Catch Up

It’s been a long time since I posted. I always look forward to the day when the girls go back to school but what I don’t realize is that I’m looking forward to it because I’ve always got so much to do. Errands to run, that I didn’t want to subject them to, people to see that I’ve neglected and of course working out to catch up on which is always the first thing to go when they’re home. This week was a blur of household chores, errands, coffee and breakfast dates and a snow day. Plus Meredith’s birthday party was on Friday.

It was a great party. She invited her friends to participate in a cooking class at our local Great Canadian Superstore. The kids did everything from making the food to tidying up and of course, eating what they had made. Meredith was so happy. This year, for the second year, she asked her friends for donations to the Oakville Humane Society instead of gifts for herself. I am very proud of her for making that decision and I hope she does it again.

Saturday, the girls had their first skiing lesson at Glen Eden. Originally, Dave and I were planning on skiing during the lesson and skiing as a family after, but we decided it might be better to let their instructors teach them to ski, and once they have graduated from the learning hill to the big hill, we’ll ski with them. We didn’t want to push them too hard. They both came off the hill with huge smiles on their faces so I think we made the right decision.

Today, we focused on the house. I attempted to clean it (hard to do with 2 children at home!) but we also rearranged the furniture in the basement to accommodate the Wii. The Wii is a huge hit. Dave and I even hang out down there skiing, bowling and ski jumping after the girls go to bed. If you’re considering one, go for it. It’s the best thing for the entire family!!

Another thing I did today was get rid of candy. Holy cow, I can’t believe how much candy we had in this house. I went through the cupboards and dumped it all on the kitchen table. The top was almost entirely covered. We had Halloween candy, Christmas candy, loot bag candy and miscellaneous candy that we collected somewhere along the way. My kids love to get candy. When we’re out they often ask for it. I’m not above bribery; I usually buy it for them because I know they won’t actually eat it. When we get home, sometimes they have a little, put it away and forget about it and sometimes they just put it away! We have a cookie jar in the cupboard and they only kept what would fit in the jar. The rest we are sending to the office with Dave.

I’m still enjoying my Tuesday scrapping days immensely. I’m up to date for 2008 (just waiting to develop those Christmas photos) and have started going back to 2004 and working on those photos. In 2004, I didn’t manage to scrap much but I did plan pages for all the photos I took. I have promised myself that even though the supplies in my page kits are sometimes a little outdated, I’m going to use what I’ve put away. It’s amazing what you can do if you add just a little newer product to the old or apply a new technique. I love looking back on those photos and remembering the girls when they were little. As always, I don’t manage to complete entire pages. This week I got one page completely done and three are just waiting for things to finish them off. Here’s the one I got done:

Note to self: I really need to learn how to post images of my paper pages. I don't have a scanner. I'll do better next time, I promise!

That’s it for me. I’m still trying to figure out my word for 2009 – Balance? Achieve? Create? I don’t know. Perhaps it should be Decide.

Good luck to you in 2009.

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