Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Decorations

How can someone who dislikes Christmas decorating own so many boxes of decorations?

They took over my entire mud room when we brought them in from the shed.

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas – I do. It’s a great opportunity to spend time and reconnect with family. I love having everyone home. I love that everything is closed and we have to stay at home. I love the presents and gift giving and I love the anticipation of a new year. I just don’t love the clutter of the decorations. And I don't love all the work. Perhaps it is because we put the tree up so late and always put it away on New Years Day. I suppose, I’m just not a decorator (much to my Mother In Law’s chagrin!), and as I get older I do less of what I should do and do more of what I want to do. Don’t get me wrong, when I go to someone else’s house and it’s decorated, I think it looks beautiful. I just don’t seem to need that at my house.

Our tree in the sun room. Decorated almost exclusively by Meredith and Isobel. Don't you just love it when you check the lights before you put them on the tree and they all work just fine. But then, you get them on the tree and plug them in and they don't work? Yeah. That seems to happen to us every year!!

Anyway, bah humbug. I don’t mean to be so negative. We decorated on the weekend (Dec 13/14), and the girls loved it. They enjoy setting up the decorations and moving things around. They love to arrange it all ‘just so’.

This is the tree they do for the basement. It is full of all the various homemade decorations they have made over the years.

I suppose that answers my original question.

I continue to do it for my children.

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