Friday, October 17, 2008

What Was She Thinking?

I’ve been walking Isobel to school. I know, it’s crazy. We live across the street. I really need to cut the umbilical cord. Anyway, this morning I decided it’s soon going to be too cold for me to drag my sorry ass out of the house so I suggested she walk by herself. She’s done it before and is quite happy to do so. It makes her feel very grown up. So, off she goes. She gets to the school and the bell rings. She’s at the playground. And what does she do? She continues to play. Hello, I’m thinking, the bell has rung. She starts chatting with her friends and they hang around for a while. Are they discussing the merits of going to school? I watch patiently (or not so patiently) and wait. Eventually, they decide going to school is a good idea and wander over to the door. What’s up with that? My youngest definitely has a mind of her own. We’ll have to have a wee discussion about that when she gets home tonight. I couldn’t believe it. What is it that this group of seven year olds are discussing that is so engrossing that they miss (or disregard) the school bell. I can only imagine!!

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