Sunday, October 12, 2008

A trip to the Dump? Yup.

Another belated blog entry for me.

Here’s my last page from the Type + Writer class.

Supplies include:
Papers: KPertiet-LetterBoxBirdWatcher4, KPertiet-KingMePaper-6, Floral Overlay, JSprague_TW_BrownSolid
Fonts: Ma Sexy, Seeing Stars, Designer Mixed
Template: This is the Story by Jessica Sprague for Type + Writer

Meredith read it and declared it “romantic”. So cute.

Yesterday, we pulled apart our shed. This seems to be a bi-annual event for us. For some reason when we take things out, we never seem to be able to put things back in their rightful spots. We managed to get our patio table, 6 chairs and glider in as well. Of course, it helped that we were able to throw a whole bunch of stuff out. We even hopped in the car and made a trip to the dump with some of our bigger stuff. Such an exciting day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my place in life right now and what I like to do and what I wish I was doing. Scrapbooking is right up there, of course, as is playing around with my computer. But also reading and writing. I really wish I could find some way to combine all these things into a career for myself. I think the only way I’m going to be able to return to full time paid work is if I manage to do something from home. Unfortunately, I’m not willing to give up the freedom I have right now. Nor am I willing to be absent from the lives of my children. I know it is possible to find work that fits into their lives, but I don’t want or need it enough at this point to go out and search for it. Anyone else out there struggle with this? The desire to work and the desire to be home battling it out within your heart? I know I do.

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