Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another digi course for me

I am taking another Jessica Sprague course that is sucking up my time again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m really enjoying it; I just wish I had more time to put towards it. It started on Monday, today is Sunday and I just completed Thursday’s assignment. I’m only 3 days behind!! I guess that’s not too bad.

Anyway, the class is called Type+Writer and it is a journaling/typography class designed to help you achieve “inspirational journaling” and provides you with instructions “for setting your words in beautiful, evocative type.” Every day we are supposed to ‘free write’ for 15 minutes in a journal. Every other day we have a journaling assignment and are given a specific topic to write about and then the next day we complete a page based on that journaling assignment. We are provided with templates for the pages, which makes them nice and fast, but I’m still managing to learn some new techniques, which is awesome. I’m enjoying the 15 minute free write every day. It’s amazing what comes out when you sit down and just write. Things seem to flow out of the end of my pen that I wasn’t expecting.

For the first assignment I did a page about our recent family trip to the EX.

Supplies include:

Paper: JSprague-TW-BlueTapestry; JSprague-TW-DkBlueSolid; JSprague-TW-GoldDots; JSprague-TW-RedTapestry; JSprague-TW-WhiteStripe; KPertiet_KingMePaper-3; KPertiet_LetterBoxBirdWatcher-4; KPertiet_Serenity-8; JSprague-TW-BlueSolid
Fonts: Pea Sarah Cute; Century Gothic; Georgia; Santana
Hi-Res Watercolour Brush Set
Template by Jessica Sprague for Type+Writer

The second assignment was a page about me. I don’t really know how I feel about these. On the one hand I know it’s good to have myself in the scrapbooks. I’m so rarely there because I’m always behind the camera. I never hesitate to do a page about Dave or the girls, but I really feel self conscious doing a page about myself. I guess taking these courses forces me to do one every once in a while. Here it is:

Supplies include:

Papers: JSprague-TW-BlueSolid; JSprague-TW-BlueTapestry; JSprague-TW-; KBlueSolid; JSprague-TW-GoldDots; JSprague-TW-RedTapestry; Trishjones_tnc-radientesence_paper7
Fonts: Justus ; Charms
Template by Jessica Sprague for Type+Writer

Thanks for looking. I’ll post more when I get them done.

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