Friday, June 6, 2008

Random Mommy Thoughts

I wasn’t expecting to feel this way. I have a very full life. I’m busy. I keep myself busy. When my children are home, they both talk to me in unison about totally different things and expect me to answer coherently while doing three other things at the same time. But I miss them. I miss having a little hand in mine while I’m out doing my business. I miss having someone to talk to while I wander through the grocery store. I miss carrying someone around with their little arms slung around my neck. Their tiny fists clutching my shirt, my hair, my skin. I miss watching their little chubby legs pump up and down as they run faster and faster and faster away from me. I just miss them. I’ve always known growing up was inevitable, I just didn’t know it would affect me this way. Summer’s almost here and while the tiny fists and legs are gone, replaced by the constant talking, I am looking forward to having them home with me.

Then again, talk to me in September.

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Meredith said...

hey! I can read this!-meredith, the (apperently)constantly talking child.